Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hermès Constance Handbag

Fashion trends may come and go but it feels good to know that somethings remain a classic. The Hermès Constance handbag dates back to 1959.  This handbag was designed by Catherine Chaillet and was named after her newborn daughter.

It´s hard to resist this beautiful orange handbag with palladium hardware. This bag features a strap that can be extended fully to be worn as a shoulder or can be shortened as desired.

This timeless beauty features the signature "H" clasp on it´s flap closure.

The Constance handbag comes in many different colours but I think the beauty of this bag shows up more in bright colours. The Constance Elan was launched in 2010 which is the longer version of the regular Constance. I think this bag is definately an investment piece and can be past down to generations.

This bag is a perfect addition for any avid handbag collector or Hermès enthusiast.


  1. oh how lovely! This bag is on my wishlist! I love that you got it, definitely fits your classy style.

  2. oh this is beautiful! You look amazing btw. :)
    just wanted to let you know you still have the word verification on, on your blog. It's super easy to remove and so much faster for your followers that want to leave you a comment. I had mine too when I started my blog but then I removed it. :) You don't have to just a friendly suggestion. :)

  3. What an amazing bag! Nice blog you have.