Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tiffany & Co.

Hi Everyone, 

I wanted to post the pictures for my Tiffany & Co. Haul sooner but I did not get an oppertunity to do it. I enjoyed their exceptional customer service. I also received a small token from them, the Tiffany Blue Box in porcelain. 



I purchased the Return To Tiffany Double Heart Tag Pendant, in Sterling silver and black onyx. It´s a 16" long silver chain.  



When I was handed my bags I got three instead of two which was a huge surprise. I was only expecting them to give me one with the gift I got for my friend and the other one for me. I was given as a small Token from Tiffany their signature Blue Box in porcelain. I thought that was so thoughtful. They really know how to make you come back ; )


What are your favourite Tiffany pieces ? Thank you for stopping by xoxo LB : )


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