Monday, October 15, 2012


Hi Everyone, 

so I have´nt been to my CHANEL counter in a while and I wanted to get some things from their Fall Collection 2012. When I went to the counter I also saw some other products that I fell in love with. I basically drowned myself in CHANEL that day LOL : ) 

These are the product I chose from the Fall Collection 2012:

559 Frenzy Nail Polish

559 Frenzy is a grey beige colour with a glossy finish. I really love cream nail polishes and this is my first shade of grey in my collection.

93 Complice  Eyeshadow

93 Complice is a pretty peach champagne colour with some iridescence to it. 

95 Furtif Eyeshadow

95 Furtif is a steel blue grey that is very metallic. 

I also purchased items from the past Spring 2012 Collection. Here are the items that I chose: 

91 Tigerlilly

91 Tigerlilly is a golden orange that has very beautiful pigmentation, love the texture. This particular eyeshadow is being dicontinued so I was very happy to be able to get it. 

161 Jalousie

161 Jalousie is a bright fuchsia pink with blue undertones. I love Chanel´s glossimers for their non-sticky formulation.

03 Brume D´Or

Bume D´Or  is a peachy terracotta brown blush with very subtle schimmer. Brume D´Or is from the Bombay Express De Chanel Look 2012. 

94 Extatique Rouge Allure

94 Extatique is a luminous intense lipstick colour, it is a blue base pink lipstick that just takes your breath away, love this colour ; ) 

What are your favourite Chanel products ? 
Wishing you a blessed day xoxo LB