Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My favourite Dior Nail Polishes

I love these elegant and captivating colours from Dior. I wanted to share them with you because I have been wearing them alot and they are truly my favourite ones from Dior. 


Beginning with the first on the left side: 401 Saint Tropez (Limited Edition), 483 Pink Kimono, 386 Pink Aristrocat, 671 Graphic Berry, 704 Nirvana (Limited Edition). The other 3 colours that are not Limited Edition are part of the permanent collection.


I like the brush it makes it really easy to apply the nail polish. These polishes have a glossy and vibrant finish. 



What are your favourite Dior nail polishes ?



  1. Love your favorits too, but i can´t wait to have the new dior crackle, is soo beautiful, is a luxury savana color, love, love, love...

  2. Nirvana ist my favourite!!! I'mwearing it right now! Greeting from Argentina!

    1. Nirvana is a absolutely beautiful colour. I am so happy i picked it up while it was still available. Greetings from Germany xoxo LB